2014 Instructional Program Review Training Presentation Documents

Program Review Workshops are offered in the Teaching Effectiveness Center (TEC) in Building 800. In partnership with Staff Development, workshops and drop-in sessions are available with Program Review Committee members available to help faculty. Available in the TEC are one hour overviews for each section of the Instructional Program Review Template the 20145-2015 Cycle. After each one hour workshop, two hour drop-in sessions are available with at least one Program Review Committee member present to answer questions. Sign up for the workshops on the District-wide Staff Development Calendar at MyGateway on the Employee Tab

  • PDF’s of the Workshops presented Fall 2014 semester
  • Worksheets associated with workshops
  • Recommendations for sections that need clarification
  • A video on how to access the Chancellor’s Data Mart (coming soon)

Overview – Changes Since Last Cycle

Program Review Overview Workshop PPT Jan Chadwick, Ph.D. [ PDF ]

Sections 1 and 2 – Introduction and KPI Performance Indicators (KPI Data)

Program Review Section 1 & Section 2 Workshop PowerPoint [ PDF ]
Section 1 Worksheet [ PDF ]
KPI Data – Presented by Carlos Ayon OIRP [ PDF ]
RP Group Definitions of Success and Retention [ PDF ]
Fullerton College and Statewide Success and Retention Rates [ PDF ]
Section 2 – Recommendations for 2.1-2.3 Table Completion [ PDF ]

Video on How to Access Program and Certificate Awards at the Data Mart (7 Minutes< MP4 video format, CC) [ Link ]

Video on How to Access Success and Retention Rates at the Data Mart (8 Minutes< MP4 video format, CC) [ Link ]

Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Programs and Certificate Awards at the Data Mart [ PDF ]

Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Access Success and Retention Rates at the Data Mart [ PDF ]

Instructional Data Primer (MiraCosta College) [ PDF ]

Section 3 – SWOC Analysis

Program Review Section 3 Workshop PowerPoint [ PDF ]
Section 3 SWOC Analysis Worksheet [ PDF ]

Section 4 Program Outcomes

Program Review Section 4 Workshop PowerPoint [ PDF ]
Meaning of Table 4.1 and 4.2 Headings [ PDF ]
PSLO Report Form from SLO website [ Doc ]
Alignment of CSLOs to PSLOs Template [ Doc ]
Alignment of CLSOs to ISLOs Template [ Doc ]
PSLO Measurement Dates Template [ Doc ]

Section 5 – Evaluation of Progress Towards Goals

Program Review Section 5 Workshop PowerPoint [ PDF ]

Section 6 -Action Plans and Resource Requests

Program Review Section 6 Workshop PowerPoint [ PDF ]
Fullerton College Goals and Objectives [ PDF ]
Strategic Action Plans by Division
Note: These files below are in Excel format. If issues arise in viewing or printing
these files, click on this link: Excel Online. If you need a copy of the file for edit purposes,contact the SLO Coordinator by email. The tabs at the bottom of each page are used to access the departments in each division listed below:

Section 7 -Long-term Planning

Program Review Section 7 Workshop PowerPoint [ PDF ]

Section 8 – Program Review Summary

Brief comment [ PDF ]


Fall 2017 [ PDF ]
Fall 2015 [ PDF ]
Fall 2011 [ PDF ]

Program Review Reader’s Training
[ PDF ]