Fullerton College 2015-2016

Non-instructional Comprehensive Program Review

Student Services and Student Support Services

Sections of the three year comprehensive program review are provided below for programs in the Students Services areas. Members of each program dialog both informally and during planned meetings about their self-studies and in the process reflect and practice efforts that address both institutional effectiveness and continuous improvement of their areas and the college as a whole.

In Section 1.0 of Program Review, each program is asked to describe the relationship between the program and the college mission, vision, core values and goals.  Members of each program have dialog about the self-study and either directly or indirectly discuss the impact of their program on the mission and goals of the college. Alignment of mission, goals, and ISLOs is made for each of the programs in eLumen. Listed below are the Fullerton College Student Service and Student Support service area connections to the college mission and goals, and the measurement and improvement plans Service Area Outcomes (SAOs) and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) as described in the three-year comprehensive Program Review self-studies completed in 2015-2016. These portions of the self-studies are made available so that widespread dialog about program outcomes and program effectiveness is can be used to inform campus members during decision- making processes.

Admissions and Records Division
Admissions and Records Division Office
Assessment Center
Cadena-Transfer Center
Career_Life Planning and Workforce Center
Counseling Center Division Office
Counseling Division - Counseling Center
Disability Support Services
Financial Aid Office
Foster Youth Success Initiatve
Health Services Center
International Student Center

Puente Program
Student Activities and Associated Students
Veterans Resource Center