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Program Review Frequently Asked Questions

Program Review Workshops are offered in the Teaching Effectiveness Center (TEC) in Building 800. In partnership with Staff Development, workshops and drop-in sessions are available with Program Review Committee members available to help faculty. Available in the TEC are one hour overviews for each section of the Instructional Program Review Template the 20145-2015 Cycle. After each one hour workshop, two hour drop-in sessions are available with at least one Program Review Committee member present to answer questions. During the presentations, questions arise and responses from the Program Review Committee Chair are listed below by Section.

I heard that some people are using the wrong form. How do I know I have the correct form?
When is the template due and how do I send it?
What's different about this template?

Sections 1 Introduction
I see that mission, vision, core values, and goals are explicitly stated with a colon at the end. What is implied by this?

Do I need to respond to each core value?

Sections 2 KPI Performance Indicators (KPI Data & Trends)

What do I need and how do I fill out Table 2.1?
What do I need and how do I fill out Table 2.2?
Should I use KPI or the Chancellor's Office Data Mart for Fullerton College data?
Why aren't some of the neighboring colleges included as peer institutions?
What do I need and how do I fill out Table 2.3?

Section 3 - SWOC Analysis

What is appropriate in a SWOC analysis?

Section 4 Program Outcomes

Why the emphasis on PSLOs?
My department is undergoing program review, but my set of courses does not lead to an AA, AS, or certificate. Do I have to complete this section?
What date(s) do I use for Date of Assessment Completed in Table 4.1?
What date(s) do I use for Date of Assessment Analyzed in Table 4.1?
What date(s) do I use for Date(s) Data Used for Improvement in Table 4.1?
What is meant by Number of Cycles completed?
Is the Intended Outcomes column in Table 4.2 the same as the PSLOs?

Section 5 - Evaluation of Progress Towards Goals

What is the distinction between previous goals and Strategic Action Plans (SAP's)?
What previous goals is referenced in this section?

Section 6 -Action Plans and Resource Requests

Why are Strategic Action Plans by Division listed on the website in this Section?
These are really Strategic Action Plans in this Section?
I can only have three SAP's? I only see room for three SAP's.
Should I order my SAP's?
What does Goal # and Objective# refer to? How do I fill this part in?
Should I include faculty allocations in this section? What should I include as a salary?
Should I include facilities in this section?
The program just filled out Instructional Equipment forms.Should I include these as well?
Should I include supplies in this section?
I don't have a bid for the item. Do I need to include a bid or the price?

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